Handmade Wooden Spile for collecting Birch Sap


Handmade Wooden Spiles

Our handmade wooden spiles are turned in Somerset.  The spile can be used again and again year after year, just remember not to keep taking sap from the same tree.  It needs a few years to recover.  As long as you take the sap safely and plug the hole the tree will not be damaged at all.  Always get permission from the land owner beforehand though.

Read our blog for more information on why we recommend using a wooden spile.


Our handmade wooden spiles are turned in Somerset using a variety of locally sourced British hardwoods.  The size of the spile is approximately 3″ x 1″ (75 x 25mm).  The spiles are great for safely collecting Birch sap just before Spring.  There is a hole drilled right through the spile for the sap to run through.  There is also a handy lip on the spile so you can easily hang your billy can for collecting the running sap.  Don’t forget to plug the hole in the tree when you’ve finished.  The sap can be drunk fresh from the tree as a natural drink or you might wish to make some homemade wine with it.



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