Corporate & Team Building Bushcraft Courses & Workshops

We run bushcraft courses, workshops and events in Somerset woodland.  We have been involved in education for over thirteen years so  we know what works well for teams and individuals alike.  We run all of our courses at a gentle pace so that everyone in the group is involved.  The activities can be tailored to meet your requirements.  This could include collecting fire wood, building shelters, cooking fish or game.  All of these make for an enjoyable and memorable experience. Bushcraft has something of value for everyone, whether it’s to learn new skills, reconnect with nature or simply to to escape the pressure of modern life.  Our team building courses enable individuals to bond and share experiences.

Stag & Hen. Design Your Own Course.

If you are looking for a memorable day in the woods with your stags or hens then look no further than Team Blighty.  We can help you to select fun activities that will get you excited about being in the great outdoors.  We can cater for overnight and weekend visits too.

Bespoke Courses. Design Your Own Course.

If you fancy a family day in the woods or a foraging course with your group of friends then contact us with your ideas.  We are always happy to chat and offer you a free no obligation proposal with potential dates for you to consider.  We can give group talks, run two hour mini courses up to a whole weekend so the opportunities are endless.

Schools & Education. Make Learning Fun.

We believe in educating the young so they appreciate the natural environment.  We work with schools to deliver ongoing enrichment programmes which include key skills such as carving, fire-lighting, shelters, foraging and many more fun activities.  Children thrive when outside and the beaming faces we see every week speak volumes.

Benefits of Bushcraft Skills



One of the main aspects of bushcraft is learning survival skills.  These include being able to light a fire without matches, finding suitable fuel for the fire to keep warm, boil water and keep warm.  In addition we teach you how to collect water safely and forage for food.  All of these skills are the basics of bushcraft which are fundamental for a good grounding in the subject.


Fire Lighting

Problem solving in the wilderness is key to survival in some situations.  Clear thinking and logic backed up by skills learnt on our courses will help our students to thrive.


There is nothing nicer than a stroll through the woods, hearing the sounds and taking in the wonderful aromas depending on the seasons.  We use a stunning woodland where our guests spend time learning new skills or advancing existing ones.  They often don’t want to leave the natural surroundings.  Our passion is enabling our students to escape the day to day routines……. and relax.


Over the years we have tutored many individuals of various ages.  Often they arrive a little nervous and we help to build up their confidence in the skills we are sharing.  We also help them to find a passion in Bushcraft and the associated subjects which has enabled many families to become connected again as a a family unit.  Something that is being neglected in this age of technology.