Bushcraft Journey

Hello there. I’m Greg Power from Blighty Bushcraft. As we slide in to Autumn I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself properly and give you an insight in to why Blighty Bushcraft has been created. Right from the start I would like to advise you that this blog, website and company are not all about axes, huge knives and trips around the world. There are no high thrills or spills. This is about me showing you what is out there on our doorstep and offering you my hand to take so we can go through this huge world of bushcraft together.

I’ve been involved in adult education for the best part of 20 years and I have been teaching bushcraft for well over a decade. I have worked with some of the best bushcraft schools in Britain as a freelance instructor and officially started up Blighty Bushcraft in 2015 with my wife Jess. We had previously run bushcraft courses under our sister company Handmade in Blighty since 2013.  Our aim is to bring our British wildlife to the forefront of the minds of as many people as we can. We want to give our customers the very best foundation to all the primary skills that are needed to have a safe and fun time in the wild places in Britain.

The Bushcraft Discovery Model

I suppose one of the best ways to describe my particular path is to use a mighty oak as my storytelling vehicle. Imagine that oak, standing tall and proud for hundreds of years, its crown full and healthy. Imagine also the root structure diving deep in to the soil, feeding the tree and supporting its massive weight. In your mind put the hole picture in to silhouette from the top of the crown to the deepest root. I firmly believe that each one of us has this starting point within us and it is my mission to elevate you through the three different stages of your bushcraft beginnings.

Bushcraft Tree

The Bushcraft Discovery Model – by Greg Power

Stage 1

The roots. The roots are the love, interest and care you have for the British countryside, be it the woods, the seashore or the wild areas nestling within our cities. You need this to be absolute for the rest of your journey to be fun, safe and worthwhile. It is here that a sub model emerges; “The L Triangle”.

When you learn about a subject you begin to look after it more. The more you look after the subject you start to love it. The more you love it the more you study it. And you start the cycle again. This model popped in to my head whilst teaching spoon carving and as I explained it my class got it and took it with them. Fantastic.

Stage 2

The trunk. This needs to be strong enough to hold that beautiful crown and healthy enough to pass all the nutrients from the roots to the crown and vice versa. It is here we find the Three Pillars of the trunk and The Golden Thread.

Pillar one is Water
Pillar two is Shelter
Pillar three is Fire

Running through each of these subjects is The Golden Thread; Foraging. Without the skill of recognising what is available to you whilst you are out and about, well you may as well be blindfolded.

Once you get your skills honed and perfected within the trunk you can move on to the final stage.

Stage 3

The crown. Much like the way the crown splits off in to different direction so does the world of bushcraft. With your Three Pillars sound and strong and The Golden Thread shining brightly you have now reached decision time. Where next? What subject will you take up? Primitive skills? Mycology? Rural crafts? Coppice work? Canoeing? The list is literally endless but that choice is yours to make.

Helping you to reach your chosen path

My particular path took me to teaching, rural woodcraft and a deep fascination with the relationship between the world of plants and the world of humans. But that’s me. My mission is to allow you to form those strong roots, grow the powerful trunk and to lead you to the crown safe in the knowledge you will be able to use all the skills you have learnt and apply them on your chosen path.

So that’s Blighty Bushcraft. Our logo represents the oak made up of The Union flag which in turn represents we have our feet firmly planted within the UK.

This blog will cover skills, kit and plants. I will be recommending books for you to read. I hope to hear from you as well as my time teaching has shown me education is a two way process. Stay away from anyone who professes otherwise.

All the very best