Why do we love our Frontier Stove?

The Frontier Stove is a great addition to our bushcraft cooking kit.  There is space for two pans on the top for cooking.  Alternatively you can keep the kettle chugging along on there.  The stove has three adjustable legs so it can still be stable on uneven ground.  It is fairly lightweight and compact. It comes with a carrying handle on the side and the chimney has sections so it can be transported inside the stove itself.  We use stove both inside the yurt with the chimney going up through the vent and also as a stand alone stove outside in the woods when we run smaller courses.

Please watch our review of  the stove on our video on Youtube

Where can I get a Frontier Stove?

This is such a great piece of kit that we thoroughly recommend.  You can purchase a stove direct from Anevay through the associate link.  We have had our stove for a while now and use it regularly.  It still looks in great condition.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the stove.

Frontier Stove

Frontier Stove